Virginia Tech Global Seismological Lab

3056A Derring Hall (Mail Code 0420)
Department of Geosciences, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061







Ying Zhou: Associate professor of geophysics. Her research focus on studies of seismic wave propagation in laterally heterogeneous earth media and imagining of seismic heterogeneities in the Earth's interior. In particular, she develops finite-frequency theory to image structures of wavespeed, anisotropy, anelasticity (Q) as well as discontinuity topography in the Earth's crust and mantle.

Graduate Students:

Zhen Guo Graduate Student in Geophysics (PhD). Zhen is currently working on imaging the topography of seismic discontinuities in the Earth's mantle transition zone.

Shuyang Sun Graduate Student in Geophysics (PhD). Shuyang is currently working on imaging the lithosphere and asthenosphere boundary (LAB).

Former Graduate Students

Youyi Ruan (PhD 2012) (Princeton University, USA)

Kui Liu (PhD 2014) (Yunnan University,China)

Kai Deng (MS 2014) (McGill University, Canada)

Jing Xue (MS 2014) (McGill University, Canada)

Updated June 2012